Soapstone Countertops Design

Soapstone countertops – as a cover provides the benefits of stains and burn test, and although it is susceptible to scratches, which can be removed with a light sanding. In addition to being durable, soapstone counter is also an attractive option. To determine whether soapstone countertops fit your budget, you must estimate the size and cost of the project.

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Soapstone countertops are natural stone, derived from metamorphic rock. It has to be removed like any other stone. Depending on the region where it was mined, it assumes various colors ranging from light gray to black. One can also notice the green or blue veins running through the slab. This additional color is the result of some mineral present therein. Overall, soapstone is a very beautiful choice for kitchen countertops. Apart from its beauty, it is also durable and resistant, therefore ideal for use in the kitchen.

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Soapstone countertops are soft, therefore, can be easily cut in any way. This makes installation easier and faster. The denser texture prevents streaking soapstone easily. Heat resistant and does not react with acids. While it is easily scratched, it does not break so easily. In addition, it can easily withstand a scratch action such as washing, chopping, cleaning, etc.

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