Small Kitchen Paint Ideas

Kitchen paint ideas to make your kitchen look bigger involve selection and application of paint color, finishing technique and texture. Roll primer paint the kitchen walls and ceiling for optimal paint adhesion. Choose a roof paint a lighter shade than the walls to make the room seem even more expansive. Lighter colors of paint with a satin finish also reflect light, bouncing it off the ceiling and walls, resulting in the illusion of a more bright welcoming space.

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Apply a semi-gloss white paint baseboards and door frames. Semigloss paints are more reflective than satin paint finishes and can make the painted surfaces appear brighter and brighter. Cover cabinets with a coat of semigloss white paint cool to impart a fresh, clean and open atmosphere. Semigloss paints are easier to clean and resist wear, making it ideal for kitchen paint ideas cabinets.

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Apply a glaze on white furniture to achieve an aged, weathered look, texture without making the kitchen look smaller. This is an optional idea depending on your personal preferences. Kitchen paint ideas an accent wall in the kitchen of a lighter shade than the rest of the walls, if desired tone. This creates visual interest, but it is not necessary to create the illusion of a larger space.

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