Silver Pouf Ideas

The silver is a color that goes largely unnoticed and carries with it a secondary role, particularly because of its close relationship and continuous comparison with the color gold, which give greater value and relevance. If you have some time and are the type who enjoys making useful things for your home, do not miss what we bring you today; patterns to make silver pouf. Plus they always come in handy for when we have extra visits and chairs missing, it will give your room’s decor and be true to your style and you will be who designed and runs at 100 percent.

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You’ll have to make a paper pattern or mold elongated diamond-shaped with dimensions that you want to have each side of the silver pouf. Place tape over the larger mold, in each of the unions of the same. Place the paper pattern on the cloth, below which will also be the sheet and begins to cut following the pattern.

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Silver pouf, now repeat the operation again until a total of 8 slogans elongated diamonds in the chosen fabric and sheet 16. Then take a diamond elongated sheet, two of cloth and a sheet, put them in this order and hold the 3 pieces of fabric (one above the other) with pins.

This design galleries main idea is silver moroccan ottoman, silver pouf.

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