Mounting Dart Board Backboard

Dart board backboard – Traditional darts accessories boards in the playroom, with many games that can be played with the arrow, fun for all your friends and family. All kinds of good dart board backboard are available today, and if you have room for a target board can make a great addition to your home. Here are some things to consider if you are thinking of arrows hanging on the wall.

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Think carefully about the best places to hang dart board backboard. First, you must select the position on a flat wall with sufficient free space around it to play darts without interruption. For example, try to make sure that they are on the road no doors, as well as people walking through your game is not ideal. You also have to clean the area of ​​any objects that could be damaged by stray arrows, such as photographs or paintings, vases or decoration.

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When installing the dart board backboard on the wall, it is important to ensure that the correct height 5ft 8in from the city through the eyes of a bull to the ground. To protect your walls from scratches and dents, correct board on board or to hang cabinets specially designed dartboard. If you do not have arrows, you also measure the distance from the plate throw line, which should 7ft 9.25in. You should indicate throw, so players know where it is.

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