Making Pouf Chair

Kids love a cozy soft all their own. A pouf chair, you are just to fit, it is a perfect place to read, nap or simply daydreaming. By making it yourself means that you can match the bedroom decor fabric for your child or your personality. Cut two circles of fabric, every 3 or 4 feet in diameter, depending on the size of your child. To make circles, tie rope between two pencils to be 18 to 24 inches apart. Keep a pencil point to the fabric and use the other to draw a circle, keeping the rope taut.

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Making pouf chair, pile fabric circles so the right sides are together. Pin around the perimeter. Thing around the edges of the fabric with a seam 1/4 inch, leaving an opening for filling of 6 inches. Clip an inverted 1/4 inch seam every 2 inches with scissors triangle. Press the seam open. Turn through the side as the right look outward opening.

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Fill the pouf chair 75 percent complete with packing peanuts. Target under the edges and sew the opening closed with a sewing machine. Most beanbags require recharging time. With use, pouf chair filled with compressed and require additional filler is added.

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