Latest Trends Cork Board Wall

Cork board wall or wood fiber is one of the latest trends in decorating interiors. It also has great advantages: it is less expensive, good resistance to moisture, can be changed without having to paint, it is a strong and durable material. Tables are provided element decorative thanks to the orientation of the wood fibers that have a different layer of plywood aspect. It can provide a nice contrast in modern homes warm and can be used to emphasize a minimalist interior.

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If you need more storage space in a room, you can use cork board wall to create shelves. This does not require you to be a master wood worker or even a professional contractor, but you will need some tools and materials. With just a little imagination and a little work, you can have shelves with shelves cork as to install on any wall you choose, providing ample storage space for your needs.

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In that case we would need a sheet of cork, a piece of our favorite fabric and framework apparent good, you can paint cork board wall in the color you like, of course coordinated with where you are placing it. Home sure finds everything you need. Sure you can also search the containers this weekend.

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