Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

Use your imagination when choosing your kitchen cabinet color trends. The trend for cabinets are usually leans painted colors, finishes or natural finishes instead of white, which is generally used as an accent color. Also distressing heavy is not as popular as it was in the past. When shopping for your painting, fun gets several samples of colors, including those who might not normally choose.

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Many kitchen cabinets are painted yellow because of its soothing and energizing properties. Appliances order in a shade of yellow, add yellow paint for cabinets, and using a contrasting color as an accent. Use with bright white accents for visual pop colors.

One of the most daring combinations of cabinet color trends is purple and white. Add white accents. Be brave; use purple walls and floors to pull the cabinets together. Another popular shade is dark blue. Light blue colors tend to give a sense of space to the kitchen.

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With more people using themes from Asia or the Middle East, orange and pink tones have become cabinet color trends. Besides it, people used to think like a dingy gray, but no more. Pull your stainless steel appliances and new cabinets with black gray and brown to make a bold statement.

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