Ideal Kitchen Sinks With Drainboard

Kitchen sinks with drainboard is a classic in kitchen which we must never forget. If we are saving more plates arranged vertically dish rack is a must, suitable for any style of cooking.  Kitchen sinks with drainboard squeegee is most widely used is installed inside a wall unit, attached to sides of module. 18.8 It is manufactured in high quality stainless steel, including two squeegees for dishes, glasses and other kitchen utensils. It is equipped with water collection tray, which can be installed in any kitchen cabinet without need for it to be without basis or that it is placed above sink. Available in different sizes to fit any module from 40cm to 90cm

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In a drawer module can also install a strainer inside, ideal for modules of 60 cm. To hang on a multipurpose kitchen bar, several accessories wringer plates and cups, depending on dimensions and our needs. It is very practical for vessels used while we are cooking. They are chrome, steel and not resistant to water damage. We can find very original kitchen sinks with drainboard designs as well as providing its function, give kitchen an original and very personal touch.

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