How To Make Roman Shades

Roman shades – Add some design to a simple window with a roman shades. This is a project somewhat difficult for those who make simple crafts. Measure the window roman shades should be just above the window and be 2 cm wider on each side. Add 5cm. the original length. Cut the fabric and lining as. Hook right sides and lining fabric. Sewn along the edges and the underside. Cut diagonally across the two lower corners. Make a seam 6 mm. along the bottom edge.

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Insert the tube or wooden roller between the two rows of stitching along the bottom edge. Turn right roman shades and press all edges. Smoothes the way hooked fabric and the lining so as not to wrinkle while you sew. Use a ruler and pencil to draw a line of 5 cm. from the bottom edge.

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Roman shades, divide and pencil mark with the remaining curtains in two equal horizontal sections approximately 20.30 cm apart, with the middle section of one half in the bottom of the curtains. Each section will have a roll timber. Cut extra lining strips 7.5 cm wide and the length of the curtains. You will need to have these strips where to place each tube timber.

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