How To Make Accent Pillows

You can change the look of any room with your own accent pillows. Do allow you to be creative and add personal touches to your home. You can create cushions of any size and shape, and is easy and fun to make.

Instructions to make accent pillows: choose your fabric and make sure mida1 1/4 yards (1.25 meters) and 45 inches (1.12 meters) wide. When choose fabric also purchase a rack of 20 inches (50 centimeters) and a form of cushion.

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Pre-wash your fabric. Place the fabric on a breadboard fabric. Use a yardstick, measure and mark two boxes of 25 1/4 inches (63.1 cm) on all sides. Cut two squares.

Prick with pins with the opposing rights, which mean that the brightest sides are oriented inward. Sew three edges.

Place the rack in the fourth edge. Open it and pricked with pins on either side, starting at the center of the rack. When it is secured with pins, sew it into place. Turn the cover to the right and insert the cushion form. Zips and you have your finished accent pillows.

This design galleries main idea is dark red accent pillows, accent pillows.

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