How To Convert Office Armoire Storage

Office armoire – With more people working from home, guest rooms and playrooms are increasingly becoming home offices. While it may be easy to imagine how a room can be transformed into an office, it may be less obvious to see how a bedroom armoire can serve a professional purpose. However, with the right tools, you can convert an otherwise plain armoire in a storage place for the well-organized office.

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Convert office armoire storage; Remove the rod used to hang clothes. If your armoire has wire shelving, leave it in. If not, install some. Ideally, you want to have three levels of shelves. The shelf should run along the entire cabinet, so if you stand in front of it, there will be shelving in front of you, on your left and to your right. Place large baskets, milk crates along the shelf, with the opening facing you. Place office supplies in their baskets or drawers accordingly.

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Office armoire put smaller, such as clips, pins and pens and pencils supplies in smaller in baskets or boxes labeled baskets to keep them apart. Place hanging file boxes along the floor of your armoire to keep your important files by hand. You can find these file boxes of cardboard or plastic, hanging folders within them to keep your documents organized.

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