How An Indoor Tabletop Shuffleboard Building

How An Indoor Tabletop Shuffleboard Building – Shuffleboard is a classic game for all ages, it is relaxing and easy to play. Shuffleboard is popular with party game that involves puck sliding down a flat surface into a scoring zone. But you can build own shuffleboard table at home with a quick and easy process. You can do some basic wood materials and tools to put together your own desktop, with which can be installed indoors and on a table to play. This reduces the cost of buying a pre-made board which sometimes expensive.

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To build tabletop shuffleboard you need a piece of plywood board.  You can use it any size you want, but a 3-foot-by-6-foot board works well for this project. Sandpaper along the entire piece of plywood. Draw the lines of shuffleboard on the board with a ruler and pencil. Draw the line only your need.

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Draw In the tabletop shuffleboard with a permanent marker. Paint a coat of polyurethane on the tabletop shuffleboard it to give a smooth surface. Allow to dry before using. Lay the completed shuffle board on a dining table or coffee table inside if you want to play.  Buy put a broom-shaped paddles and puck on a toy store or sporting goods store. The set will usually come with two paddles and six weighted pucks, you want to play on the board with the paddle Shuffle.

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