Decorative Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops – The concrete, like most natural stones such as granite or marble, in its natural state, is a porous material so that it is susceptible to staining. For this reason we recommend sealing virtually all concrete countertops to prevent staining. There are different types of sealants, epoxies hasya from waxes, and can be applied several layers. The types of sealers to apply depend on the desired final appearance and application that they wish to make the stop. This information is necessary to know to find the right type and amount of sealant to be applied.

Concrete countertops is a very durable material that can even damage the edge knives, but the sealant applied over the top, to prevent it from staining, if you could scratch if pica directly above it. That is why recomienra use cutting boards and they could be embedded in the same stop. Like other countertops, surface and edges they can break or damage if hit with a blunt.

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Concrete countertops  is a material that withstands high temperatures very well, but could damage the sealant with hot objects s left on the top and thus become prone to staining buffer. You should always be used to place hot objects on the ceilings, heat insulation can also be embedded on top.

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