Attaching Wood Balusters

Baluster main role is to provide protection against falling; they also offer an elegant look to your stairs. Wood Balusters installation is an easy process. You only need a few basic tools and some basic knowledge. You can complete the project in a weekend. Here’s something to help you: First you need to know the length of the ladder. Also measure the width of the bars and the spacing between them. The bottom of the railing is called the final parity and the other the flat end.

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Now measure the length of the rail, the rail. If you do not have holes in the stair tread it is necessary to make some for yourself. Determine the space between the bars and then drill the holes. You can find some special drills at your local improvement store.

You also need to drill small holes at the bottom of each rail and drive a screw in each wood balusters hole. Then you can place the bar into the hole in the tread. If you do not like using bolts, then you can use glue. To attach the rail to paste the carpenter using wood balusters and nails. Cover the nail holes with putty.

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